September 24th - October 2nd

Hello Fools. It is I, Sir Sadim. Twin brother of Mr. Midas and the RULER of the new Betway Midas Mode 2. My idiotic brother used all of his money mother gave us as children to make his favorite mod DOTA into a full fledge Sequel with Valve Software, and after 30 years of hiding he finally revealed himself to make his dream Tournament Midas Mode 2. Since finding my brother’s whereabouts, I have systematically destroyed everything he holds dear. His bank accounts? Hacked. His precious Dota 2? Mine. and most importantly, his Innovative and Beloved tournament, FALLS TO ME. This time, its MY MIDAS MODE. If he wants it back, hes going to need your help. But i know you idiots will never be able to pull it off. Enjoy!

What is Midas Mode?

Here in Midas Mode, we have assembled the best teams in the world to fight for victory and domination. Typically teams of such caliber would only be assembled to save the world or some such rubbish, but this tournament they have been assembled to simply compete. Not exciting enough? Well then let’s raise the stakes and put our money where my metaphorical mouth is.

Each team is given a set of starting currency called MOONBUCKS, which they must use for every action in the game. Here is a Chart you rabble like charts.

Things that cost Moonbucks

Drafting Heroes

Each hero’s price will fluctuate after each game, depending on how well they are doing in the tournament. The original price of the heroes will be determined by the current meta, but after the first game unused heroes will drop in price while the used heroes will rise in value.

Banning Heroes

A relatively cheap price to pay, banning heroes will also cost a small amount of moonbucks, depending on the hero’s cost determined by the Drafting Price.


Do not squander my precious time! Dawdlers must pay a small fee to PAUSE. If you have no money left, you can beg- I mean, “ask” the enemy team to pay for your pause, if they happen to be feeling merciful.

Picking Sides

Radiant or Dire? First to Pick or First to Ban? Teams must pay for the mere privilege. Every series will start of with a blind auction, the team that placed a higher offering gets to chose.

That should cover the important stuff. Sure, it doesn't seem much, but the moonbucks drain quickly when you consider that you have a 10 day tournament to get through! Remember, EVERY draft is important. Of course, all is not lost, for there are a few ways to earn back moonbucks. But each has a price.

Things that give Moonbucks

Completing bounties

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Sir Sadim is selling the map

Sir Sadim here.

After years of genius plotting, I have finally found my brother, Mister Midas, and have enacted my plan to ruin his life, as well as his little Dota 2 tournament. Step one, of course, was to empty his exceedingly vast bank accounts and take over his owned properties. Which has, to my surprise, put me in direct ownership of the Dota 2 map itself.

Unlike my idiot brother, I don’t give a damn about your disgusting game, and so the time has come to do what any good business man does when he commits to a hostile takeover: TIME FOR LIQUIDATION!

That’s right, everything on the Dota 2 map must go. EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE!

Check what is available

Before Midas Mode 2, we will be running crowd funding efforts for meme hero ideas, one at a time. Each hero has a limited amount of time to be funded, and once the time is up or the hero has been successfully funded we will ask the community for the next meme idea and try to fund it. Post your suggestions for us and help us make all the heroes unique for Midas Mode 2!

LAN Event - Denver, Colorado

This year, we are having a Live Audience for the first time. This is the ONLY EVENT IN NORTH AMERICA for Dota 2. Midas Mode was created to bridge the gap between viewers and pro players, and this time we have incredible interactive experiences to make you feel like you are impacting the game. While some of these experiences will be for our online fans, the fans live will have experiences no other tournament can provide.

BETWAY Midas Mode 2 will be an intimate event, where you and less than 1,000 people will be able to interact with talent and experience the fun and excitement of Midas Mode live. Not only that, but Local Host Arena is also a LAN Cafe, and we have the entire thing open and ready for you!


The Format

For Betway Midas Mode 2 we have 3 regions battling it out: North America, Europe, and China. Who can make use of their Moonbucks the best? Who will be the champions of their region? Only time will tell. As always there is an option for the NA & EU teams to participate in the Grand Finals showdown, but it's truly up to them, and perhaps you to convince them!

Confusing? Here is a picture simpleton.

Audience Participation

Here in Midas Mode, we appreciate our fine benefactors. You reading, dear friend, are one of them! Since you are sitting at the table, you have a say in how we run this show. But don't forget who’s really in charge however. Me. I am in charge. Mr. Midas. Anyway here are the many ways you can be involved.

Virtual Reality Roshan

Rosh VR

Why watch the game when you can BE THE GAME? At Midas Mode 2, we will have our audience members in the game itself in a few ways. One of which, every game we will have an audience member put on a VR headset and enter a real life rosh pit, to BE ROSHAN in the actual game itself, should a team pay enough moonbucks. How hard will Roshan fight? That's up to the audience member, as we will remove all attack speed modifiers. When you punch, ROSH PUNCH! We have a couple of other systems in the works as well, such as allowing the audience to utilize the LAN center to take over an entire wave of in game creeps. The more fun and connected our audience is, the better. We would love to put your branding on that experience they will never forget.

The Bounty System

The Floor Is Lava

Each day on r/Dota2, after the show, we will have a thread open for your suggestions on in game bounties for the players to complete for moonbucks. Each morning I will select 10 of your bounties and announce the ones chosen, along with their respective payoffs. Get creative, and get crazy! Bounties are only limited to your imagination! We will only separate bounties by those which require a team to win and those that only need to be completed.

Midas Mode Stock MarketCOMING SOON

Stock Market

Now the community can gain Moonbucks in the comfort of their own home! We are creating a state of the art Midas Mode Stock Market where you can buy and sell heroes as they go up and down in value. If you're among the top, you may even gain a prize!

The Bell


What is the bell? How is it interactive? What does it do? Tune in to find out!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for watching! Also thank you for leaving. Get the hell out of my lounge you peasant.